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Diesel Polishing

Along with the benefits of modern, efficient fuels come more stringent standards of care and maintenance. Today's Off Road, On Road, and Bio-Diesel Fuels are more susceptible to algae and bacterial (or bug) growth.

Common signs of contaminated fuel and tanks are:

  • Slow Flowing Pumps
  • Clogging Dispenser Filters and Screens
  • Discolored or Dirty Fuel
  • Tank Monitor Water Warnings
  • Algae/Sludge on ATG Probes
  • Damage to fleet or customer vehicles and equipment

High Volume, Low Volume and Stand-By Tanks need regular cleaning. Clean Fuel Technologies has you covered. We offer extensive tank cleaning services, additives and expertise in resolving fuel issues at an affordable price. We are your partner in fuel quality.

Our basic services begin with a Fuel Testing, Tank Assessment, Overfill Containment Cleaning, Pump Pit Cleaning, Water and/or Phase Separation Removal, Bottom Sweep (tm), Contaminant Removal and Reclaiming Good Fuel. Extended services include Impingement Cleaning (pressure washing the inner tank walls), Additives, Tank Component Replacement, Tank Testing, Certified Tank Inspections, Tank Exterior Restoration/Painting and more. Contact us for more details.



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