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Ethanol, also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol, is a flammable, colorless, chemical compound. It is best known as the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages and in thermometers. In common usage, it is often referred to simply as alcohol.

The largest single use of ethanol is as a motor fuel and fuel additive. The largest national fuel ethanol industries exist in Brazil (gasoline sold in Brazil contains at least 20% ethanol and anhydrous ethanol is also used as fuel).

Clean Fuel Technologies has successfully cleaned thousands of tanks in preparation for E10 and E85 Fuels.

All tanks both new and old need to be prepped prior to introduction of Ethanol.

Phase Separation is the result of water and ethanol blending, causing the ethanol to separate from the gasoline. This results in lowering the octane rating of the fuel as well as water issues in the fuel.

Water is Ethanol’s worst enemy. A tank with even small amounts of water will begin to have phase separation which can lead to larger problems.

The majority of Fuel Terminals throughout the US will be distributing nothing less than 10% Ethanol over the coming years.

Tanks should be assessed and cleaned within 2-4 weeks prior to having ethanol dropped

Tanks should be annually assessed and cleaned after introducing Ethanol.

E85 requires upgraded components throughout the fuel delivery system.

E85 produces a greater cleaning effect on tanks due to the higher concentration of Ethanol.

E85 does not suffer from phase separation as easily as E10. Because of the higher concentration of Ethanol, It takes a substantially greater amount of water to cause phase separation.


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