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Fuel Cleaning Process

Clean Fuel Technologies Inc

Clean Fuel Technologies uses state of the art visual and non-visual tank cleaning systems coupled with a multi-stage filtration and water separation system.

We are capable of cleaning both underground and above ground fuel storage tanks including generators.

We do not shut down dispensers while cleaning. This means customers can still purchase fuel with no disruption.

We can filter fuel from 300 + microns down to 5 Micron.

Our system focuses on the bottom of the tank. This is where the majority of problem causing contaminants lie.

We extract contaminants across the entire tank bottom from end to end.

On average one (UST) tank takes 1-2 hours to clean.

Our system saves our customers great amounts of fuel and money by returning salvageable fuel back to the customer’s tank after filtration and water separation.

For more information on our specific process, site assessments and pricing please inquire.


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