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Montgomery, Alabama Fuel Tank Cleaning, Ethanol, Gas, Diesel Cathodic Testing [November 7, 2011]
Clean Fuel Technologies offers UST and AST cleaning services and fuel polishing for Montomery, Birmingham, AL and surrounding areas.

Florida Gas Contamination Shut Down Help [November 7, 2011]
Station Shut Down by the Florida State Inspectors? Clean Fuel Technologies has the solution to the stringent new fuel testing rules in the State of Florida.

Events: Fuel Tank Cleaners at North Dakota Petroleum NDPM Show [October 20, 2011]
Visit Clean Fuel Technologies, The Fuel Tank Cleaning Specialists will be exhibitors at the 2011 NDPM Show in Grand Forks, North Dakota on October 25-26.

Missouri Fuel Polishing and Tank Cleaning [October 10, 2011]
St Louis, Missouri and Southern Iowa based fuel tank cleaning and polishing services. Call us for with your fuel quality questions.

Fleet Fuel Services, Fuel Quality and Contamination Removal for Generator, Underground Fuel Tanks [September 18, 2011]
Plugging Filters? Fleet Fuel Polishing, Water and Contamination Removal for Diesel, BioDiesel and Gasoline with Ethanol Blends. Tank Cleaning and contamination removal systems solve the problem!

Gasoline, Ethanol and Diesel Fuel Tank Cleaning and Polishing [September 16, 2011]
We Clean Tanks provides on time service, fuel filtration, polishing and tank cleaning. Our coverage spans Minnesota, Wisconsin, North and South Dakota, Illinois, Kentucky, Nebraska, Colorado, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Louisiana and surrounding areas.

Shell Takes A Gamble On Ethanol [March 2, 2010]
Shell recently announced a $21 Billion/Year Joint Venture with Brazilian Ethanol Producer Cosan. This deal represents the largest of its kind for a Major Oil Company.

Diesel Fuel and Tank Cleaning [February 3, 2010]
Diesel Filtering, Cleaning and Polishing service special's for standby generator, UST and AST Tanks. Contamination, Algae and Sludge Removal.

We Clean Tanks New Expanded Service Area [January 19, 2010]
Fuel filtration, tank cleaning, painting and closure services for Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Illinois.

Higher Blends of Ethanol On The Way? [March 10, 2009]
US Government will soon raise blending ratio's for Ethanol Blended Fuels.

All In Favor Of Ethanol Say... [February 17, 2009]
Ethanol Refineries are filing bankruptcy throughout the US. Why are they and who is shutting them down?

Economic Stimulus Package Includes E85 Pump Tax Credit [January 26, 2009]
Economic Stimulus for Ethanol Dispensers at Retail Stations.

Fuel Tank Cleaning In 2009 [January 8, 2009]
WeCleanTanks.com is proud to introduce new technologies and service packages for our valued customers in 2009. From Ethanol to AV Fuel to Biodiesel we provide professional and timely service. Guaranteed.

UST Fuel Contamination and Water Removal Video [October 25, 2008]
Live Video of water in the tank bottom.

E10, Ethanol Blended Fuel & Tank Sticking Procedures [October 10, 2008]
Details on how to use water detecting paste in Ethanol Blended Fuels.

Visit WeCleanTanks.com @ The NACS Show [October 4, 2008]
WeCleanTanks.com will be exhibiting at the NACS show in Chicago, IL, October 5-7.

Are We Running Out of Gas? [September 29, 2008]

Gas Stations in major Southeastern Cities are out of gas. Would things be different if we had more Ethanol?

See The Difference With Visual Fuel Tank Cleaning [September 18, 2008]
Visual Fiber Optic Fuel Tank Cleaning For Ethanol, Bio Diesel and Fossil Fuels

Ethanol In Marine and Boat Applications [September 17, 2008]
Information on using Ethanol Blended Fuels in Marine and Boat Applications

More Info On Phase Separation [September 15, 2008]

Phase Separation Myths and Facts.

How Will Hurricane Fay Affect Ethanol Blended Fuels In The Southeast [August 18, 2008]

Information for tank owners in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the Carolina's regarding preparation and recovery from Tropical Storms and Hurricanes.

Discounted Ethanol & Biodiesel Tank Maintenance Contracts [July 20, 2008]

In coming years internal tank maintenance and inspections are likely to be mandated by the federal and state organizations. In response to this, we are offering discounted annual tank maintenance contracts.

We Clean Tanks Now Featuring Rotary Impingement Cleaning [July 20, 2008]
We are now offering Rotary Impingement Tank Cleaning in addition to our current services.

We're Growing! [July 12, 2008]

In addition to our current services, Wecleantanks.com is expanding throughout the Southern US. This includes Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas and Missouri.

Ethanol Conversion and Tank Cleaning [June 18, 2008]
We Clean Tanks is offering introductory rates for Ethanol conversions taking place in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and the greater Southeastern United States. Contact us for more information.

Phase Separation and Water in Ethanol [June 18, 2008]

Information on Phase Separation and Water Contaminating E85 and E10 Fuel.

Florida Ethanol Tank Cleaning [June 16, 2008]
The following information was released by the Florida DEP in regards to Ethanol, Tank cleaning and preparation. The DEP recommends tanks be de-watered and cleaned prior to Ethanol Introduction.


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