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Busan and Devis Products

We offer only products we use and believe in to preserve and manage quality fuel. Below is information on Busan and Devis products.


Finished Fuel and Crude Oil Preservative

  • Solvent based
  • Water dispersible
  • Broad spectrum
  • ULSD approved

Busan DFP is a solvent-based preservative used to eliminate and/or prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi in finished fuels (e.g. petrodiesel, biodiesel, gasoline, bunker C). Busan DFP is also used to prevent the biodegredation of crude, refined, and feedstock oils and fats (e.g. poultry, soybean, aromatic, paraffinic, naphthenic) during storage.

A proprietary and synergistic blend, Busan DFP is:

  • Broad spectrum: kills bacteria, fungi, and algae
  • Active in both phases of the system: partitions into
  • both fuel and water
  • Fast acting: 100% bacterial kill in just two hours

Being solvent based, Busan DFP is fully combustible, and will not form combustion residues or hazardous byproducts when used. Busan DFP is non-corrosive, non-emulsifying, and has long-term fuel stability.

Busan DFP should be added to the fuel at a rate of 1.25 fluid ounces per 100 gallons fuel (100 ppm). Contaminated systems should be treated with 2.5 fluid ounces per 100 gallons fuel (200 ppm). At the maintenance dose of 1.25 ounces per 100 gallons, Busan DFP imparts a minimum amount of sulfur and is approved for use in ultra low sulfur diesel applications.


Fuel Oil Conditioner

DEVIS is a ready-to-use fuel oil conditioner formulated to treat problems associated with the transport, storage, and combustion of residual fuels.

Treatment of fuel oils with DEVIS provides better dispersion of heavy hydrocarbons, carbon, water, and other sludge- and deposit-forming substances. Treatment improves atomization and combustion of the fuel oils. It also decreases corrosion of metal equipment that comes in contact with the fuel oil.

Some of the benefits derived from the use of this product include reduced buildup of tank-bottom sludge; minimal varnish and gum formation; and cleaner lines, strainers, preheaters, orifices, and burners. Fewer deposits in the furnace and less soot formation improve the overall furnace efficiency.

Characteristic economic benefits obtained from the use of DEVIS in fuel oils include:

  • Savings in fuel consumed per unit of steam produced a result of more complete combustion and better heat transfer
  • Fewer stoppages for fireside cleaning
  • Less downtime and fewer man-hours required for periodic cleaning of tanks, lines, and furnace equipment
  • Longer service life for equipment a result of reduced corrosion


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